Big Bazar

Safe purchasing from economical parties

The safety of products always comes first at Big Bazar. Précon ensures that suppliers of Big Bazar demonstrate that their products are safe.

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Return to Sender

For sustainable and safe products

Return to Sender works together with small-scale, local manufacturers and develops a wide range of products with them. The products are then offered to a large diversity of customers. These factors mean that keeping product compliance up to date is and continues to be a complex challenge

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From development to sales

Précon Quality Services knows the process within Blokker in detail and is involved as a partner in quality management from the product development process.

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Précon Quality Services employs pragmatic professionals with extensive experience in product compliance for non-food consumer products. We offer practical customised solutions at a strategic, tactical and operational level. We do not limit ourselves in advance to a specific sector, country or continent, but we set our limits on the basis of professionalism and expertise. We advise, train and support our customers on a daily basis in terms of their concerns and activities in the complex, international world of laws and regulations for non-food consumer products.

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