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CE marking

It may not be a quality mark, but CE marking is highly relevant for products that you market within the EU. At least if the product requires this marking according to European legislation. These complex and dynamic laws and regulations are exactly what you as a manufacturer or importer run into. The professionals at Précon know the European directives in detail and can tell you exactly if, how, why and when your product requires a CE marking

CE marking: in line with European directives

CE simply means compliance with European legislation. This legislation aims to protect consumers against unsafe products on the market. By marking your product, you declare that it conforms to the European directives and is therefore safe to use. At your own responsibility, because you are free to determine how you test your product against these directives. In most cases, a declaration of conformity must also be drawn up for the product concerned, stating that it complies with all applicable European directives.

However, not all products are entitled to bear a CE marking according to European law. They must, however, comply with the laws and regulations that apply to them. We are happy to help you with this.

CE marking and Précon

Précon has been working for many years as a quality consultant for large international parties in the supply chain. We have dealt with virtually all kinds of non-food items and whether they comply with the applicable laws and regulations and if CE-marking has been correctly applied. We can train your employees in the area of product safety and CE, support your organisation where necessary or take care of the entire process on your behalf.

In the last case, we determine which European directives are applicable and translate them into a protocol. If it turns out that your product requires a CE marking, we will prepare product markings, instructions and a declaration of conformity for you. And we can also prepare the correct markings and instructions labels for you if CE marking is not applicable. After all, your products are always required to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.


We will be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of supporting the CE marking process for your company. Feel free to contact us via the button below or call us on +31 (0)30 - 65 66 010.

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