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You are on the verge of introducing a new product onto the market. In the Netherlands, but preferably also in other EU countries. Your ambition is to expand, but are your instructions, product labels and packaging ready for this? Do they conflict with local laws and regulations? And are they translated correctly? Précon Quality Services has checked the labels of tens of thousands of non-food products and has the answers for you.

Labelling is a complex matter

The law determines when a product requires a label. And what the label must indicate. This may differ for each country, however. In addition, the legal requirements must be correctly stated in the language of the country where you sell the product. With our label compliance we check whether a label complies with national and European legislation, we indicate which corrections are necessary and we support you in preparing for the sale of the product in various countries.

Label compliance is vital for manufacturers and distributors

Label compliance is important for both producers and distributors. As a producer, you naturally want to prevent damage to your reputation due to incorrect product information. Distributors are responsible for checking that products are correctly labeled. You cannot afford language errors or failure to comply with local legislation. However, it requires daily experience to know all national laws and regulations. Let alone keeping track of the continual changes in this area. Précon Quality Services is therefore happy to assist you further.

Label compliance at Précon Quality Services

Précon Quality Services has been working as a quality consultant for large international parties in the supply chain for many years. We have handled virtually every kind of non-food item and checked it for the correct labelling. We can train your organisation how to perform label compliance verification or take care of label compliance on your behalf. In that case, we assess whether the product, packaging and/or instructions comply with all the relevant laws and regulations. If necessary, we translate the information correctly. We are able to validate the label for every EU member state and translate it into any language you require.


We look forward to discussing the label compliance options for your company with you. Feel free to contact us via the button below or call us on +31 (0)30 - 65 66 010.

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