4 February 2019

Précon broadens services!

Effective from January 2018 our Précon team is expanded with 14 passionate, expert professionals. Up to December they made up the Shared Service Centre Quality of Blokker Holding.

This department focused on supporting all formulas of Blokker Holding. With this expansion Précon disposes of an inducted team of experts that has many years of experience in a vast range of consumer products. For instance, the team consists of, inter alios, experts in electricity, chemistry, toys, food contact materials and furniture.

The new services, which focus on non-food products, start on 1 January as Précon Quality Services. The activities of Précon Quality Services consist of providing a full-service solution to businesses in the area of product safety, product performance and quality assurance.

Apart from our team we can also expand our customer base with the formulas of Blokker Holding: Blokker, Big Bazar, Xenos and Trend Center. Intertoys, which is no longer part of Blokker Holding, has also become a customer of Précon Quality Services.

We are pleased with our new colleagues and our new customers!

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