4 February 2019

XXL Inflatables: what is correct?

Nowadays they can be found everywhere: XXL inflatables. They appear on the beach, in the pool and social media are full of them. From flamingos that can hold 6 people at the same time to smaller inflatable unicorns for 1 or 2 people. Special attention must be paid to the safety of inflatables. Due to the use in water there is always the risk of drowning. That is why for the European market stringent requirements are imposed on the materials, the construction and the product marking. In short, many requirements to ensure that the safety of the inflatables is guaranteed.

Product safety and safety documentation

The safety requirements differ per type of inflatable. This means that you must dispose of knowledge of all the said requirements in order to select the correct ones. What legislation and regulations are applicable to what inflatable? This question is not easy to answer with so many different types and formats of inflatables. What is, for instance, the age classification of the product? And what marking is applicable to the product? The ability to determine what the correct legislation and regulations are is essential to be sure that your products comply with the correct safety requirements and can be traded without difficulty.

Advice and support

For this type of complex questions about product safety and quality we offer advice and support. We can help you with specialised services for various products to comply with the international and national statutory requirements and access to the European market. Contact us without obligation contact via +31 (0)30 – 65 66 010.

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