The correct preparation for your NVWA product safety control

You have received notification from the NVWA in which they announce that they will visit you soon for an inspection regarding product safety. The NVWA also informs you which of your products have been assessed in the laboratory and asks you to provide the complete technical files for these products.

NVWA control: what you can expect

You want to know what to expect and you are seeking an expert partner who can help you prepare for this visit and assist you during the inspection. We have extensive experience with NVWA controls on product safety. Since 2009 our consultants have successfully supervised dozens of NVWA inspections in the context of system-oriented supervision of product safety at non-food retailers. In addition, Précon and its clients have discussed hundreds of technical dossiers with the NVWA.

During the inspection, the NVWA assesses your quality assurance & quality control processes:
  • Managing product risks;
  • Being able to identify dangerous products;
  • Being able to carry out corrective actions;
  • Detected shortcomings with your products.

We know what you can expect from these points and how you can best prepare for this.

The result of the NVWA control

Some time after the inspection you will receive a report from the NVWA. It reports on all the findings that have been made. This report also contains the conclusion about the level of supervision that will apply to your company. This is one of the following levels:

  1. 1. Limited supervision
  2. 2. Standard supervision
  3. 3. Intensive supervision

Under Standard supervision, your quality assurance and quality control processes need to be improved in order to be judged as satisfactory. In the case of intensive supervision, these processes do not function at all and your company is faced with tighter import and product controls until it is demonstrable that these processes have been structurally improved.

Our consultants can help you design and achieve the necessary improvements in your processes, so that you can continue to focus on your core business.


We look forward to discussing the possibilities for supporting you in the preparations for your NVWA inspection. If the NVWA inspection proves that you need to improve your current quality assurance & quality control, we can also support you in this. Contact us without obligation or call us on +31 (0)30 - 65 66 010.

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