How do you minimise the risks?

Product liability

Today, tomorrow or in 8 years?! You can still be held liable for a defect up to years after your product is placed on the market. A faulty manual or missing warning can be a sufficient reason. Are you willing to take that risk? Or will you ensure that this part of your product liability is arranged really well? As your partner in product quality, Précon Quality Services takes care of all your concerns.

Product liability: minimise your risks

The experts at Précon Quality Services help you to drastically minimise the risks of product liability. They know all the relevant laws and regulations and translate them into concrete actions to guarantee the quality of your product. We can support you by organising training and courses about current topics in product safety, creating product specifications or organising your inspection program in countries such as China. We can also help you analyse customer complaints about possible defects and advise on the actions to be taken. Ultimately, you can choose to minimise the risk of product liability by outsourcing the entire product compliance process to us.

And if something should go wrong with a product, then you know one thing for sure: you can prove that you have done everything to prevent the defect and that you acted adequately when the defect was discovered.

Caution! Not only for manufacturers

Undoubtedly, producers are ultimately responsible for the quality of the product. The law allows a victim to hold each party in the chain liable, however. The liable party must then recover the damage from the producer. This ensures that the victim is assured of compensation. Even in the event of a bankruptcy in the chain. In addition, according to the law, an importer is often also a manufacturer, as soon as he imports products from outside the EU. In other words product liability has many intricacies and is highly relevant for all parties in the supply chain.

Précon Quality Services: product liability in good hands

We have been working as a quality consultant for large international parties in the supply chain for many years. We have handled virtually every kind of non-food item. Our experts can offer you unparalleled advice in designing, setting up and maintaining product compliance processes and systems. You can contact us for consultancy, interim expertise, training or outsourcing. Depending on your wishes and the desired objective, of course. We are ready to serve you.


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