Big Bazar is a relatively young discount store formula. The product range is wide and includes: cleaning supplies, personal care items, toys, animal items, food and party items. In addition to direct purchases from A-brand suppliers, the retailer buys large overstocks at home and abroad and sells them at a competitive price in the Netherlands and Belgium. In order to guarantee the quality and safety of these products, Mark Schipper, director of category management at Big Bazar, calls in the professionals of Précon Quality Services.

Speed ​​and safety are a perfect match

The safety of products always comes first for Big Bazar. Précon ensures that Big Bazar suppliers demonstrate that their products are safe. In addition, the Précon specialists support suppliers in converting local labeling into labeling and marking that complies with Dutch and Belgian legislation and regulations.

Speed ​​is of great importance for Big Bazar and that requires flexibility. Exactly what Précon delivers by maintaining close contact with the suppliers of Big Bazar and thanks to the ability to quickly deploy additional specialists if the situation requires it.

Outsourcing for quality and security

Big Bazar consciously took the decision to outsource its quality management. The discounter focuses on offering a wide product range for a competitive price. Product safety and quality must be absolutely right. Taking care of the quality management for this wide range that is purchased in many different countries and at even more suppliers requires specialist knowledge of many product groups. Organising this process internally would become an expensive activity.

Thanks to the partnership with Précon, Big Bazar always has the latest specialist knowledge of laws and regulations regarding product liability and a flexible capacity that flows with the commercial opportunities.

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