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Quality assurance and quality control

The consumer has high expectations of your product and the legislation also imposes strict requirements on your product. The regulator audits your organisation on a regular basis. In short, you cannot afford any errors or defects in the products you produce, import or distribute. With well-designed product quality assurance (QA) and product quality control (QC) processes you give yourself, consumers, regulators and legislators the confidence that you can guarantee the quality of your product. Précon can offer you unparalleled advice when designing your QA and QC processes.

Product quality assurance and product quality control: the basis of your product quality

Product quality assurance is aimed at preventing errors and defects in products. Product quality control detects errors in products already produced and/or sold, so that timely action can be taken. Combined, QA and QC form the basis for confidence in the quality of your products.

A great deal is involved in designing product quality assurance and product quality control. Examples include up-to-date knowledge of (European) laws and regulations, the correct labeling and marking of your products, for example with CE and the continuous analysis of consumer safety complaints.

Setting up QA and QC in the correct manner will benefit you immensely. By setting up the quality process correctly, you will deploy fewer resources to deal with problems and incidents. In addition, you will reduce the risk of reputational and financial damage caused by purchasing or producing faulty products. By correctly designing these processes you also comply with laws and regulations, so that you can market your products with confidence. In the Netherlands and in Europe.

Product quality assurance and product quality control in the right hands

Précon has been working for many years as a quality consultant for large international parties in the supply chain. We have handled virtually every kind of non-food item. Our experts can offer you unparalleled advice in designing, setting up and maintaining QA and QC. Contact us for consultancy, interim expertise, training or outsourcing. We do not carry out inspections or tests, but we can fully support you further. Also when preparing audits by market regulators or analyzing safety related consumer complaints.


We would be happy to discuss the opportunities for setting up product quality assurance and quality controls for your company. Feel free to contact us via the button below or call us on +31 (0)30 - 65 66 010.

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