Blokker has been a familiar name in the shopping streets of the Netherlands since 1896. With a varied range of products for home, consisting of private label products and brand products from many international suppliers, quality management at Blokker is a complex process. This is precisely why Blokker opted for full outsourcing to Précon Quality Services, according to Wim Braafhart, director of Category Management.

The approach

Précon Quality Services knows the process within Blokker in detail and is involved as a partner in quality management from the product development process. The professionals at Précon define the desired quality requirements for the products in close consultation with the Blokker category managers before they are sourced from manufacturers in the EU and in Asia. This makes it easier to find the right manufacturer and significantly reduces the chance of quality and safety issues.

An additional advantage is that the quality requirements and specifications are directly applicable in the QA and QC processes. Précon has set up these processes in consultation with Blokker as efficiently and effectively as possible, so that Blokker can deploy fewer resources to deal with incidents and problems.

The challenges of your own private label

From a legal perspective, Blokker is regarded as the manufacturer of the products for private label products. As a result, Blokker has more obligations with respect to product quality and safety for these products than for the sale of products from other brand manufacturers. The dedicated Blokker team at Précon Quality Services ensures that these product quality assurance obligations are met and that Blokker is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

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