Return to Sender believes in the power of fair, sustainable products. Made by craftsmen and women in the poorest areas in the world. Unique products with a special story. Therein lies the challenge at the same time. Because how can the income of these professionals be guaranteed while at the same time meeting the ever-changing product compliance requirements in the EU? Marijtje Ophof, Format & Marketing Manager of Return to Sender approached the professionals of Précon Quality Services with this question. And successfully.

Product compliance and small-scale, manual production; a complex challenge

Return to Sender partners with small-scale local producers and develops a wide range of products with them. The products are then offered to a wide diversity of customers. These factors ensure that keeping product compliance up to date is and continues to be a complex challenge. Certainly in a time in which both consumers and companies justifiably place more and more individual demands on product quality and safety.

In addition to these personal requirements, there are of course the legal requirements that the products must satisfy. These are partly determined by the EU, but also partly by national governments and are constantly subject to change. As a result, keeping abreast of all those changes in product compliance requirements has become a complicated obligation.

Fair, sustainable and safe!

Précon supports Return to Sender to keep abreast of these changes and to integrate them in their product development and compliance processes. By means of training and consultancy, knowledge in the area of ​​product compliance is kept up to date.
In addition, we mutually look at the ideas and designs for new collections, in order to identify critical requirements for various product groups at an early stage.

The collaboration with Précon helps Return to Sender organise its product compliance processes effectively and efficiently, saving costs and giving the makers of all those wonderful and sustainable products the wages they deserve. The proof that fairness, sustainability and safety can go very well together!

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