Taking adequate action

Product recall

One of your products turns out to be unsafe. What action do the employees within your organisation take? Do they respond adequately and quickly or do they turn a blind eye on occasion? A product recall is sometimes unavoidable, but with the correct approach it does not have to lead to major reputational damage. Précon can help you and your organisation to discover potentially unsafe products, organise a product recall process in consultation with you and assist you in situations where a product recall is the only solution.

Mistakes are there to be solved

Ultimately, it is vital to have your quality assurance and quality control functioning correctly. This reduces the risk of recalls. In addition, it is important to register, analyse and take timely action on all complaints from customers about defects in your products. By doing so, you can hopefully prevent actual accidents with your product - and the associated damage to your reputation.

Unfortunately, there are always unforeseen circumstances, which could cause an incident with your product. In that case, the response from you and your organisation is very important. Burying your head in the sand is only too human and occurs more often than you think. Consumers, regulators and the media will value an adequate recall, however. This calls for a well-organised product recall procedure and often also for a change of mentality within your organisation. Précon can support you in this.

Product recall: important for manufacturers and distributors

A good product recall procedure is relevant both for manufacturers and distributors. The legal responsibility for initiating a product recall lies with the manufacturer. If the product originates from outside the EU, the importer is sometimes considered by law as a producer. Distributors also have duties, however. For example, they must register complaints from customers, pass them on to their suppliers and ensure that the questions are answered appropriately. If you as a distributor are aware of an unsafe product, you are obliged to report this to the supervisor and you have a duty to cooperate with the performance of an initiated product recall.

Product recall Précon style

Précon Quality Services has been working as a quality consultant for large international parties in the supply chain for many years. We have handled virtually every kind of non-food item. We can help you by setting up your product recall procedure and by setting up a process to continuously analyse the complaints frequently received from customers.

If a recall is the only correct solution, we are also there for you. We provide support in drafting the report to the regulator and the text for the recall. The most important factor for success in our experience is a change in mentality within the organisation. We offer training courses for this purpose, which make employees aware of the correct actions if they discover an unsafe product.


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