VIB QUICK SCAN: The VIB: your passport for trading chemical products

You want your customers and consumers to be able to deal safely and healthily with the products you supply. The safety data sheet (VIB) is an essential part of this. A VIB contains all the information that is needed to handle your product safely. From the chemical composition and the associated hazards, to the regulations for the correct labeling of your product. Information about protective equipment, transport and disposal is also included. A correct VIB is your passport to trade this product in the EU.

Would you like to know if your VIB is correct?

Then do our free VIB-QuickScan! You will discover whether your VIB complies with the statutory requirements. Is this not the case? Then the free VIB-QuickScan tells you what is wrong.

VIB: also mandatory for consumer products

It is often assumed that a VIB is only required for companies that manufacture chemicals. This is incorrect. A scented candle, air freshener or deodorant are examples of items for which you also need a VIB. A VIB must always be in the language of your customer's country. Are you supplying throughout the EU? Then your VIB must be available in 28 languages. VIB: ook voor consumentenproducten verplicht

Material Safety Data Sheet?

Practice shows that VIBs from suppliers are often old or of poor quality. They do not contain all the relevant ingredients, the labeling requirements are incorrect or the VIB is not prepared according to the applicable requirements. We often also see that a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is considered to be the English version of a VIB. This is incorrect. An MSDS is only suitable for use on the American market.

The VIB-QuickScan from Précon Quality Services

It is legally required and important for your company reputation that your SDS is correct and your product does not endanger your customers or consumers. Précon has been working for years as a quality consultant for large international parties. We assess existing VIBs for our customers and advise on necessary adjustments. For many customers we take care of the entire contents of the VIB. This often takes place in collaboration with their suppliers, who are found both within and outside the EU. We also support our customers to design labels that comply with European regulations.


Would you like more information about the shortcomings you have found or do you want a complete assessment of your VIB after doing the Quick-Scan? Then we look forward to talking to you. We can then mutually explore the possibilities for supporting you in the preparation, maintenance and distribution of your safety data sheets.

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